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Welcome to my World of Angelic Reiki

One of my clients introduced me to Natural Reiki in 2010 to be honest I didn’t think it was for me at all but I went along to level 1 and enjoyed it so much I followed through with Level 2.

We were taught using the USUI symbols, however I started seeing crystals and flowers during a Reiki session with one of my fellow students whilst working on the chakras. I was advised to go with it as I am Psychic and Clairsentient and it felt natural to me.

During the course I also found that whilst involved in a healing session I was getting information from a past life experience of one of the students, which was a revelation to me and everyone else; consequently I found it to be a perfect holistic therapy to compliment my readings.

The following year I attended a weekend Angelic Reiki initiation and attunement course.

The experience was so spiritual and uplifting I knew this was the form of energy healing for me and have continued to use Angelic Reiki ever since.

I particularly find it beneficial for me after readings, relaxing to Angelic music and candles is the perfect cleansing and relaxation therapy for me.
I remember with great affection a Reiki session in Tenerife with one of my friends.

Her lovely dog was present and wasn’t feeling very well, at the end of the session he walked over to me and placed his head in my hands.

I will never forget the look in his eyes, so loving, it was a special moment for me and my friend.

My clients and I have enjoyed many different experiences over the years;

Feeling tingling sensations, seeing different colours

Deep relaxation with a sense of spiritual calm and well being

Emotional responses where the client releases negative memory attachments that no longer serve them, allowing healing to take place bringing a feeling of peace and closure.

Past lives have been revisited and addressed

On occasions pets and loved ones in spirit have been present at stages of the Reiki bringing love and comfort
Angelic Reiki and Energy Healing is a relaxing holistic therapy that can be aligned with professional medical treatments and should not be seen as a substitute.
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